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Technical Guidance

Tell us about your manufacturing project and our technical office will advise you on developing the fastest and most economical solution to execute it.

Our Technical Office department works in accordance with the customer’s specifications or subsequent manufacturing needs.

We help you with your projects

We design our customers' needs in close collaboration with them. We clarify your doubts to achieve optimum results and guarantees.

We develop your ideas

We analyse the best options on the market together with the purchasing department to optimise the necessary resources in the designing the product.

If you can imagine it, we can create it.

Our technical office has a wide range of means and expertise that enables us to develop each item or element in the correct manner. Our main goal is to satisfy the needs of the client, and as such we keep in close touch throughout the development process.

We provide solutions to all industrial needs. We guarantee quality, speed and traceability in all our work.

Our engineering department will design the product you need, while creating the necessary documentation.

We make use of the experience we have amassed over the years to enhance the performance of the final product, in addition to facilitating the respective manufacturing process.

Inagal S.L.

A commitment to excellence

Committed to providing customers with the best service, while we grow, learn and innovate on a continuous basis.