Our services

Saw cutting, folding and bending

We create your ideas in metal

We manufacture pursuant to the conditions of supply set by the customer, controlling the quality and traceability of materials, monitoring dimensions, welding procedures, non-destructive tests…

We review the production process on a constant basis to enable us to inform our customers of the status of their orders. 

We adapt our manufacturing resources and production capacity in order to provide a quick response and to meet the required delivery deadlines.


Automatic saw cutting

Our automatic saws guarantee the rapid, efficient cutting of all kinds of pipes and profiles.


Folding and Bending

We have three folding machines that enable us to process parts using tools. We provide high levels of flexibility and quality, enabling us to fold and bend sheet and pipes with great precision.

Inagal S.L.

A commitment to excellence

Committed to providing customers with the best service, while we grow, learn and innovate on a continuous basis.