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Technical office

We design our customers' needs in close collaboration with them.


MIG / MAG-TIG and automated robotic welding of different materials.

Laser cutting

We cut stainless steel and aluminum in different thicknesses.

Saw cutting, folding and bending

We have automated processes for cutting profiles and pipes.


Auxiliary processes at Inagal such as drills, presses, lathes, milling machines, threading machines.

Treatment and finishes

Granular, paint, zinc, passivation and galvanising treatment.

Industrial maintenance

Industrial maintenance service on the customer´s premises. Capacity for urgent repair and manufacture.

Raw materials warehouse

Stock of raw materials. Compliance with delivery deadlines


Assembly and mounting of parts. Local, national and international transport.


Services that work

Our company specialises in laser cutting and approved welding work and we boast vast experience in the sector. We have our own technical workshop that designs and produces in tailor-made fashion, in addition to specialised machinery to cover all your needs.

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Committed to providing customers with the best service, while we grow, learn and innovate on a continuous basis.

Approved top-quality welding.